Energie contracts


What costs are relevant in energy contracts?

Apart from the amount of energy consumed each company should also look at the contracted capacities of gas, district heating and electricity. On one hand energy tariffs (commodity price-related), contracted capacity and connection costs are relevant. On the other hand your energy consumption profile is worthwhile to be analysed. A good fit for these aspects can lead to a better energy contract.

Connecting cost

If you need a new connection to one of the energy grids we can help you to determine the size of the connection needed. Based on the connection size chosen you will have to pay a fixed fee yearly. We often find connections that have been chosen too large, resulting in excessive yearly costs.


The cost for transportation of energy is determined by the regional net authority. Since these cost depend on the contracted capacity it can be very useful to check which capacity results in the lowest cost. This might lead either to increasing or decreasing the contracted transportation capacity.

Measuring cost

Most measurements are carried out by the net authority. In some cases (mostly large consumers) it can be interesting to evaluate these costs as well. 


Due to our experience and contacts with energy suppliers we can help you to reduce your energy cost. Before we start negotiating with the energy supplier we analyse your energy demand and we make an estimate of your future energy consumption. Based on our analysis we can determine the optimal size of the capacity of your energy connections and thus the capacity to be contracted. In order to advise you properly we analyse 24-hour data.

After we have determined the amount of energy needed we ask for  bids from various energy suppliers. The bids are then compared based on lowest cost, required services and terms for ending the contracts. Based on the outcome of our enquiries you can select the contract that fits best.


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