Periodic Energy Inspection (EPK)

Together with two colleague consultancy companies Epro Consult has worked on the development of a so called periodic energy inspection method (EPK). This study has been carried out on industrial zones in the south of the province of Limburg in the Netherlands.

The purpose of this project on one hand was to find a method that stimulates companies to save energy and on the other hand to provide information to the local authorities in order to be able to determine whether or not companies comply with environmental legislation regarding energy.

During this project attention has been paid to the way the EPK can be financed. Further more the study focussed on the collaboration between parties in these industrial zones (management organisations, individual companies, local authorities and environmental officers).

The methods that have been developed still need to be optimised. In practice smaller companies might be able tot conduct this EPK using an internet tool together with some support of independent and experienced energy consultants. For larger companies a more tailor made solution is to be preferred.

The EPK  aims at medium sized companies that do not any other agreements or do not have the duty to carry out audits based on European legislation (European Energy Directive (EED)). These EPK pilot are the outcome of the Dutch energy agreement.