Judging and maintaining energy aspects in environmental permits

In order to value the efforts planned by companies Epro Consult can help both your company and the authorities to understand and to judge the energy plans.

Epro Consult will do so by providing insight into your energy consumption and by providing background data substantiate the feasibility of the energy efficiency measures to the authorities.

Authorities can also rely on the consultants of Epro Consult in judging energy efficiency plans and energy efficiency measures.

Periodic Energy Inspection (EPK)

Together with two colleague consultancy companies Epro Consult has worked on the development of a...

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Put effort in energy savings

Although many companies think that they have taken all measures necessary to reduce cost, further...

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Energy optimisation at Peka Kroef in Odiliapeel

Peka Kroef is a potato processing company producing fresh potato products. The company is supplyi...

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