Projects Energy Efficiency in industry.


  1. Monitoring energy efficiency of sand-lime production; Central Sales Office for sand-lime (Centraal Verkoop Kantoor voor de kalkzandsteen (CVK)), Hilversum
  2. Supporting LTA-monitoring; Novem (Agentschap NL) in Sittard
  3. 22 energy efficiency plans Margarine-, Fats- and edible Oil Industry (Margarine-, Vetten- en Oliënindustrie (MVO); Productschap MVO Rijswijk, in cooperation with two other consulting companies
  4. 13 Energy efficiency plans for the dairy industry Friesland Coberco Dairy Food (FCDF) in Meppel, in cooperation with 3 other consulting companies
  5. 50 Energy efficiency plans for the ceramics industry (Dutch: KNB); Novem (Agentschap NL) in Sittard, in cooperation with one other consulting company
  6. 11 Energy efficiency plans for companies in the sand-lime industry; Novem (Agentschap NL) in Sittard
  7. Energy monitoring system for sand-lime factory “de Hazelaar” in Echt
  8. Long term plan for the margarine, fats and edible oil industry; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  9. Long term plan for the sand-lime industry; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  10. Long term plan for the dairy industry; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  11. Application of membranes in non-water systems; Productschap MVO
  12. Study on CHP installations: Cargill Amsterdam
  13. Long term plan for the fruit and vegetable processing industry; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  14. Developing formats for manuals and procedures for energy management: Productschap MVO
  15. Workshops on energy management in the MVO-sector; Productschap MVO (19 companies)
  16. 5 ’eenergy efficieny plans for dairy companies FCDF; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  17. LTA-monitoring for the MVO-sector in 2002 and 2003; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  18. Preparation of an investment in CHP. Cargill
  19. Cluster project energy management in the dairy branch (12 companies)
  20. Optimisation of energy supply MVO-company
  21. Integration of energy management in a certified quality system of dairy company Borculo Domo Ingredients (BDI) in Borculo
  22. Cluster project  energy management in coffee-roasting companies (9 companies)
  23. revision of environmental licence; Van Dijk Food Products Zeewolde
  24. Composition of an energy efficiency plan at Wienerberger Reuver
  25. Feasibility study on cooperation in the industrial area Winschoterdiep in Groningen, in cooperation with E-Kwadraat
  26. Cluster project energy management in 10 companies from the sectors snacks, fruit and vegetable processing industry and dairy
  27. Energy efficiency plans for 17 companies (over the period 2005-2008), in cooperation with  two colleague consulting companies
  28. LCA preliminary study on coffee pads compared to coffe from vacuum-packed milled coffee beans for the Association of Dutch Coffee Roasters and Tea packers (Vereniging van Nederlands Koffiebranders en Theepakkers (VNKT))
  29. Possibilities for the application of heat pumps in the MVO-sector (Productschap, SenterNovem (Agentschap NL))
  30. Research into the possibilities for the transport of MVO-product over water (Productschap MVO, SenterNovem(Agentschap NL))
  31. Chain-optimisation in the MVO production chain (Productschap MVO, SenterNovem (Agentschap NL))
  32. Energy consumption analysis Cargill Multiseed Amsterdam
  33. CO2 en NOx monitoring plan Friesland Foods Domo in Borculo
  34. Energy optimisation of batch processes at AAK in Zaandijk using ProcSim
  35. Energy optimisation of batch processes at Friesland Foods using ProcSim
  36. Energy efficiency plans (EEP) for 17 companies (over the period 2009-2012), in cooperation with two colleague consulting companies
  37. Support of the dairy industry in the composition of new energy efficiency plans (BEMP) for 11 companies (over the 2009-2012), in cooperation with three colleague consulting companies.
  38. Energy consumption analysis AAK Zaandijk
  39. Energy management documentation Calduran
  40. Energy consumption analysis FrieslandCampina Borculo
  41. Energy consumption analysis Cargill Botlek
  42. Review of energy efficiency options for the MVO sector, in cooperation with two colleague consulting companies
  43. Energy consumption analysis FC Butter Lochem
  44. Energy efficiency plan at Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Eersel
  45. Optimisation of the powder coat ovens - energy balance powder coat line
  46. Optimisation of steam systems at various dairy companies and Margarine-, Fats- and edible Oil (MVO) companies
  47. Supporting a roadmap for the MVO-sector
  48. Water treatment in the MVO-sector
  49. Small and micro CHP through the whole chain of food industry
  50. Feasability study recycling waste water 
  51. Energy consumption analysis and Specific Energy consumptions (Milk Prism) FC Lochem
  52. Energy efficiency plans (EEP) for 9 companies (over the period 2013-2016) in the edible oil industry
  53. Energy efficiency plans (EEP) for 17 companies (over the period 2013-2016)in the dairy industry, in cooperation with one colleague consulting company
  54. Cost calculation model of water for the margarine, fats and edible oil (MVO) industry
  55. Energy consumption analysis for a company in the MVO industry
  56. Study to reuse proces condensate water
  57. Study to optimize the heat supply
  58. Road map options in the MVO industry
  59. Water benchmark in the MVO industry
  60. Heat recovery of spray dryers at 2 dairy companies

Projects Energy efficiency built environment 

1.    Energy efficiency research office buidling.
2.    Energy optimisation for the new employees building at the horticulture Beegdenhof, Hunsel.
3.    Various energy scans and energy contract investigations for companies in the Tilburg area.
4.    Energy scans for SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) in Limburg granted by the Chamber of Commerce Limburg.
5.    Energy costs of district heating comparison of energy costs of gas heating at the industrial zone Vossenberg, in the Tilburg area
       in collaboration with BZW / BORT.
6.    Technical support in a legal dispute on the malfunctioning of an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system.
7.    Energy scans for several catering establishments.

Projects Energy contracts  


  1. Van Dijk Food Products Lopik
  2. Tuinderij Beegdenhof - 2 locations, also determine the capacity of new connections
  3. Various companies in the Tilburg area
  4. Furniture processing industry – various companies in the province of Noord-Brabant
  5. Building company with 8 locations in Noord-Brabant
  6. Multi-tenant building for companies in Weert
  7. Apartments complex with 50 connections
  8. Verification of cost calculations based on the principle that the cost for renewable energy should not be higher than the cost for conventional energy

Projects in renewable energy


  1. Renewable energy-scan; 10 horticulture companies Berlikum (Friesland); Novem (Agentschap NL) (sun, wind, biomass, thermal storage of heat and cold )
  2. Renewable energy scan; Van Dijk Food Products Zeewolde; Novem (Agentschap NL)
  3. Feasibility study into the application of energy storage in the earth of 10      horticulture companies in Berlikum in cooperation with
  4. Study on the application of biomass from the food industry for energy generation by means of fermentation
  5. Case studies for the flour industry, margerine, fats and oil industry and a slaughterhouse usage of biomass for the generation of energy (burning and fermentation)
  6. Presentations on the application of heat pumps in the province of Limburg (NL)
  7. Advising the municipality of Tilburg in the realisation of two sustainable industrial areas: Tradepark 58 Noord (20 ha) and Vossenberg West II (100 ha), application of thermal storage of heat and cold in the earth, exploration of other sustainable energy options:
         1. Exploration of possibilities (preliminary study) of Tradepark 58 and Vossenberg West II
         2. Guidance design study Tradepark 58
         3. Guidance in tender (concession for services) Tradepark 58
  8. Strategic exploration of the anaerobic digestion of manure, study in support of the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, nature and food quality
  9. Fermentation of residual flows from the dairy column (dairy farms, dairy companies, retail).
  10. Developing a biomass calculation model in cooperation with TU/e (Technical University of Eindhoven).
  11. Organize meetings for companies in the Margarine-, Fats- and edible Oil Industry: apply cooling equipment, heat pumps, heat generation and waste heat utilisation
  12. Technical support in a legal dispute on the malfunctioning of an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system
  13. Small  and micro CHP through the whole chain of the food industry

Projects Sustainable industrial zones


  1. Renewable energy study greenhouse area at Berlikum (Friesland); sun, wind, biomass, thermal storage of heat and cold
  2. Cooperation between companies at the industrial area Winschoterdiep (Groningen) in the field of logistics, waste streams, energy and water
  3. Sustainable industrial area Tradepark 58 Noord (T58):
    -     Preliminary study: exploration of possible application of thermal storage
    -     Supporting the set up of the tender procedure (concession for services)
    -     Negotiation of the contract
    -     consultancy to the engineering agency
    -     consultancy to the public administration
  4. Preliminary study for the sustainable industrial zone Vossenberg West, Tilburg


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