Renewable energy


The Dutch government aims to replace a vast part of fossil fuels consumed (natural gas, coal, oil) by renewable energy on short notice. However, to what extent “renewable energy” really is renewable is subject of debate. 

duurzame energie

 Some targets:

  • 30% CO2 reduction in 2020 compared to 1990
  • A yearly energy efficiency improvement of 2% (as opposed to the current 1%)
  • The European Union aims at 80-95% less CO2 emission in 2050 (compared to 1990). The emission in 2020 should be 20% less..
  • In 2020 16% of the energy should be renewablein the Netherlands.

In brief: renewable energy is essential.

Epro Consult offers several services with respect to renewable energy, ranging from a Renewable Energy Scan to feasibility studies for renewable energy installations.

In close cooperation with your company we analyse how renewably energy can be used in the most efficient manner in your company, energetic as well as economic.

Epro Consult has carried out several studies mainly focused on the digestion of biomass, solar energy and thermal storage. In addition we could determine whether producing or applying bio fuels could be feasible.

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