Epro Consult, your energy consultancy

How can you keep your energy cost within limits? Epro Consult will take care of all items involved and helps you to save energy. Energy cost are substantial and might increase in the future. Reducing your energy cost will not only result in cost saving on the short term but will also strengthen your financial basis on the longer term.

Energy savings and energy efficiency improvement

Epro Consult will help you to clarify and optimise your energy consumption. Based on an energy savings plan or an energy efficiency plan (EEP) we help you to reduce your energy consumption on a structural basis. By implementing an energy management system (which could be ISO 50001 certified) you will be able to control your energy consumption and your energy cost during a long period of time. If you would like us to do so we can carry out a renewable energy scan in order to see which renewable energy options could be of interest to your company. If you would like to know whether it would be worthwhile to cooperate with other companies on an industrial zone we can help you based on our knowledge and experience to explore the feasibility of this type of cooperation.

Contributing to a better environment and spending less cost on energy

If you ask Epro Consult to help your company to cope with environmental demands in your permits we do not only help you to realise achieving that goal, but we strive to achieve a bit more. Epro Consult will help you to reduce your energy consumption contributing to a better environment and reducing you energy cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact Epro Consult. We are fully independent and provide consultancy on (renewable) energy, water saving, process optimisation, energy saving, energy contracts, sustainable industrial zones, carbon footprint, thermal storage, energy from biomass etcetera.

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