Sustainable industrial zones


How to realize sustainable industrial zones?

There is a tendency for companies to cooperate on industrial zones. Such cooperation has various aspects (e.g. maintaining green areas and maintaining pavements and roads, signposts and waste collecting). Epro Consult supports companies to cooperate in the field of energy and water utilisation.

Both for existing as well as new industrial areas the cooperation between parties will only expand when the parties have built up enough mutual trust.

First Epro Consults helps to make an inventory of how much energy and water the companies need. Then together with the companies we are going to look for the best options to optimize the energy and water systems.

We will identify options in order to save energy and/or water. Your company can then indicate which options are interesting to elaborate on. Epro Consult will examine the feasibility of those options and also look at renewable energy options such as thermal storage, energy from biomass, wind and solar energy, and any other type of renewable energy that might be of interest.

Finally we will help you to realise the options that are feasible and advise you on how to set up a cooperation with other companies on your industrial zone.

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