In industry there is not only the need to use water for the production processes but also for cooling, heating and cleaning. Water is one of the cost centres for companies.

In production companies Epro Consult investigates the options to utilise water more efficiently. The focus is on water savings and cost savings, but in the mean time often reduction of energy consumption can be achieved.

We have the knowledge to improve and recycle process condensate water in order to reduce the utilisation of ground water and drinking water.

In cooperation with KWR, Epro Consult has made a cost calculation model for the margarine, fats and edible oil (MVO) industry. With this model one can calculate the costs to produce different qualities of water (softened water; demineralised water produced with ion exchange, RO-water (reversed osmoses), water produced with the Capacitive De Ionisation (CDI)-technology). 

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