Energy saving plans and energy efficiency plans (EEP)


Structural energy savings

Energy saving measures can be divided in various types of measures. Part of the energy savings can be achieved through energy management. In addition energy can be saved by installing energy efficient equipment, utilisation of waste heat and process improvements.

Energy saving measures are meant to save energy for the company as a whole. Nevertheless expectancies often cannot be met due to unexpected energy needs elsewhere. In order to ensure that the projected energy savings can actually be achieved it is necessary to analyse and match energy consumers on the demand side as well as energy providers on the supply side, throughout the entire plant.

The right sequence is first to examine the options for energy saving on the demand side, right in your production process. Next are options for heat exchange. Only then the amount and quality of energy to be supplied by utilities is transparent and optimising the energy supply side makes sense.

In this way energy savings can be achieved that make sense.

Doing it the right way

The diagram below illustrates Epro Consult’s approach towards energy saving analyses.

duurzame efficiencyplannen

Often measures are implemented on an ad-hoc basis since time to perform a thorough study is lacking. This generally results in sub-optimal or even ineffective solutions, where the full potential is not achieved. An upfront analysis of processes and possibilities, resulting in a structural plan of approach, can prevent such missed opportunities. It certainly takes more time and effort, but the result is generally rewarding since more energy and money are saved and less mistakes are made.

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